Keeping in view the Diversity / deteriorated condition of Pakistan, the ILMOHUNAR FOUNDATION is on its way to struggle for nation wide awarding 100% education and employment. The FOUNDATION aims at setting nation on the pavement of advancement by education in the fields of science, industry and technology. This organization initiated from the village 155/WB in Vehari. Thus 12 sewing machines were purchased for the establishment of a Vocational Training centre by the collection of sacrificial hides. Now stitching, Embroidery, Computer,Spoken English, Electrical Diploma, Mobile repairing and formal education Centres have been established in different villages and cities. The organization got registered with the name of Ilmo Hunar Foundation on 13th Dec, 2006 under the ordinance (XLVI-1961) of social welfare agencies Govt of Punjab. The constitution of the FOUNDATION has been approved by the above mentioned Deptt. The Foundation has set its parameters of education and skill development along with other welfare projects. it is our mission to get every body educated and skilled( Like china, Korea, Malaysia and other developed countries). We have to practically establish an advanced, civilized, peaceful Islamic reformatory society.

Aims & Methodology

  • Schooling of boys / girls for education and upbringing of the whole nation.
  • Motivation of parents for education of children through door to door visiting teams.
  • To make arrangements of education for overage and working children.
  • To establish maximum conventional and technical institutions for providing free education.
  • To launch education system in mosques and slums.
  • To contact competent authorities for uniformed syllabus, double shift and compulsory education.
  • To establish the training and employment centres for the poor, orphans, widows and all deserving people.(InshaAllah)

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